Discover the Deep House Delights of Jsung's "You Want To"


In the latest buzz from Runnerup Records, deep house aficionado Jsung drops his newest single, "You Want To," a track that promises to submerge listeners in a sonic depth reminiscent of the ocean's mysteries. Drawing an intriguing comparison to the perilous delta P phenomenon in underwater diving, Jsung humorously suggests that missing out on his tracks could be equally hazardous to your musical health.

Hailing from Taiwan and now calling Tulsa, Oklahoma, his home, Jsung, also known as Justin, has cultivated a rich palette of sounds influenced by his migration journey across continents. His work is a testament to the power of blending organic with electronic, creating a soundscape that's as diverse as his background. This unique sound has captivated audiences not just in the US but across the European Union, marking him as a standout act in the deep house scene.

"You Want To" is more than just a track; it's an experience. With Jsung's history of stirring performances in venues as revered as St. Vitus, where he holds a residency, this release is a beacon for fans of deep, thought-provoking beats. It's a reminder of the artist's journey from the bustling streets of Taiwan to the vibrant music scene in the US, weaving through cultures and sounds to deliver something truly special.

For fans and new listeners alike, "You Want To" is a journey worth taking, diving deep into the realms of sound where Jsung reigns supreme. His ability to blend different musical traditions into a cohesive and inviting deep house experience is unmatched.

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