TheClaw - "Freaks" A Fresh Wave in House Music


In the ever-evolving world of house music, a new name is making waves - TheClaw. This Canadian funk house duo is not just any newcomer to the scene; they are redefining the genre with their unique blend of house music infused with the soulful rhythms of funk, blues, and soul. TheClaw, comprising two former jazz bandmates who met in high school, brings a fresh perspective to house music, one that pays homage to its roots while pushing its boundaries.

Their latest EP, "Freaks," released by 404 Deep Records in Spain, is a testament to their innovative approach. With this release, TheClaw delves into old-school house vibes, blending them seamlessly with deep house elements. The result is an electrifying mix that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The duo's background in jazz is evident in their music, as they skillfully weave complex harmonies and rhythms, creating a sound that is both sophisticated and accessible.

"Freaks" is not just an EP; it's a statement. It's a call to all house music aficionados to embrace the new while remembering the past. TheClaw's music is a bridge between generations, a fusion of sounds that celebrates the diversity and richness of house music.

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