Unpacking the Hypnotic Beats of "Read My Mind" by Neverdogs, Magaziine, and Cosmin Horatiu


Mason Collective's Whippin label has just dropped a tech-house gem that's set to mesmerize dance floors around the globe. The 'Read My Mind' EP, a collaborative masterpiece featuring the Italian tech-house duo Neverdogs, the tech-house maestro Cosmin Horatiu, and the enchantingly dark pop artist Magaziine from Estonia, is an electrifying blend of talent and musical prowess.

The EP kicks off with its title track, "Read My Mind," a hypnotic journey through rolling grooves and captivating vocal hooks that promise to keep you moving until the early hours. The track's seamless fusion of tech and minimal house elements with Magaziine's enchanting vocals creates a unique soundscape that's both immersive and invigorating. The second track, "Yeeeee," continues the euphoric ride with its bouncy beats and a lively zip, further showcasing the trio's ability to craft tracks that resonate deeply with the club culture.

Neverdogs, known for their two-decade-long contribution to the underground dance music scene, bring their signature avant-garde dance cuts to the EP. Their eclectic mix of influences shines through, adding depth and character to the tracks. Cosmin Horatiu, with his formidable presence in the tech-house scene, infuses the collaboration with his sharp production skills and innovative sound design. Magaziine, the emerging talent with a penchant for dark, mystical pop, adds a layer of vocal magic that elevates the EP to new heights.

The 'Read My Mind' EP is not just a collection of tracks but a testament to the power of collaboration in the electronic music scene. It highlights the synergy between artists from different backgrounds and their collective ability to create something truly memorable.

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