"Deepend & Co. Bring Back Summer Vibes with ‘Lovin’ You’ Remix"


In a refreshing take on a 70s classic, the Dutch duo Deepend, alongside SVNSETS and the enchanting vocals of Aloma Steele, have released their Deepend Mix of “Lovin’ You”, infusing it with the essence of deep house and a summery atmosphere that promises to bring back the warm, carefree vibes of summer with every beat.

The new rendition of “Lovin’ You” stands out with its blend of soft acoustic elements and relaxing chillout beats, creating a soundscape that feels like a warm summer breeze. It’s a testament to the group's ability to transform classic melodies into modern electronic anthems, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

Deepend, composed of Bob and Falco, have always been about pushing the boundaries of deep house music, intertwining house roots with groovy, melodic, and pop elements. Their journey from high school beat experimenters to chart-topping artists is a story of passion and dedication to the electronic music scene. With hit remixes like Matt Simons’ “Catch & Release” and collaborations with artists like Sam Feldt, Deepend’s unique sound has captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

This latest collaboration with SVNSETS and Aloma Steele is a beautiful reminder of Deepend’s commitment to creating music that moves and connects with people on a profound level. “Lovin’ You - Deepend Mix” is not just a song; it’s a summer escape, a dive into the depth of electronic bliss.

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