OLAC's "That's Right" - A Funky House Anthem


OLAC's "That's Right" - A Funky House Anthem

In the evolving landscape of Tech House music, it's always refreshing to stumble upon tracks that not only make you move but also think. OLAC's latest creation, "That's Right," is a funky Tech House track that promises to be a staple in playlists and dance floors alike. With its infectious rhythm and big drums, this song captures the essence of what makes Tech House so compelling.

OLAC: A Journey Through Sound

Embarking on a musical voyage during the uncertain times of the covid-pandemic, OLAC has been experimenting with a myriad of sounds. The result is a rich tapestry of tracks that reflect his exploration of life, art, and pop-culture. "That's Right" stands out as a beacon of his journey, showcasing a blend of funky breaks and powerful beats that are bound to resonate with listeners.

A Reflection of Life and Art

OLAC's music goes beyond the auditory experience; it's an invitation to delve into themes of existence and expression. "That's Right" serves as a perfect example of how music can be both entertaining and thought-provoking, making listeners dance while pondering deeper subjects.

For the Playlists

With its compelling groove and memorable beats, "That's Right" is poised to become a favorite among fans of Tech House and those looking for music with depth. It's a track that fits seamlessly into any playlist aimed at energizing and inspiring.

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