Discover the Euphoric Beats of Lolah's "States Of Euphoria" EP on Bamboleo Records


Bamboleo Records, the underground music imprint revered for its quality releases, marks a significant milestone with its thirtieth release, welcoming the talented Australian-born, Barcelona-based DJ/Producer Lolah. Her debut EP, "States Of Euphoria," released on 22nd March 2024, is a masterclass in tech house, minimal house, and deep house sounds that are set to mesmerize the electronic music scene.

Lolah's "States Of Euphoria" is not just an EP; it's an immersive journey through the euphoric states achieved through the power of music and the unity of the dance floor. Featuring two original tracks alongside remarkable remixes by the in-demand Milanese artist Cristina Lazic and the renowned German talent Sascha Dive, this release is a testament to Lolah's skillful production and profound connection with music.

The EP opens with "Hypnotica," setting the tone with its bumpy drum grooves, glitchy percussive elements, and a momentous bassline melody that entwines with atmospheric strings and sleek musicality. The title track, "States Of Euphoria," follows suit, offering a heavier dose of chunky drums, intricate percussive layers, and a vivid sub-bass melody, complemented by quirky synths and a catchy vocal hook, epitomizing the EP's theme of intense musical connections and moments of euphoria.

Lolah's narrative behind the EP delves into the transformative power of music and dance, emphasizing the global relationships forged on the dance floor that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. This philosophy is echoed in the remixes by Cristina Lazic and Sascha Dive, each adding their unique spin to the original tracks, from Lazic's stripped-back underground roller to Dive's immersive and sonically dreamy minimal cut.

"States Of Euphoria" by Lolah is a must-listen for fans of deep and tech house music, offering a glimpse into the artist's soul-stirring musical journey and the unified spirit of the dance community. Available from 22nd March 2024 via Bamboleo Records, this EP is a beacon of euphoria in the electronic music landscape.

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