"Dive Deep into 'Scared' by Simon Field, Yasmin Jane, & Monojack: A Melodic Techno & House Masterpiece"


In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, "Scared" emerges as a compelling collaboration between the talents of Simon Field, Yasmin Jane, and Monojack. This track is a perfect blend of Melodic Techno & House, showcasing deep, tech-driven beats alongside haunting vocals. With its pulsating house rhythm infused with techno elements, "Scared" keeps listeners hooked while exploring the darker side of lyrical storytelling.

Simon Field, a renowned DJ and producer, is no stranger to the house music scene. His upcoming album, "Need No Music," set to release in August 2023, promises to be a rich tapestry of house music genres. From funky tech house to soulful house, Simon's work is a nod to industry giants like Ferreck Dawn and David Penn, ensuring his place among the top with over 140 million Spotify streams. Collaborating with Yasmin Jane and Monojack on "Scared" only adds to his repertoire of deep, melodic tracks that resonate with fans worldwide.

"Scared" stands out for its ability to marry dark, evocative lyrics with a danceable beat, making it a unique addition to any playlist. The track's depth is further amplified by Yasmin Jane's haunting vocals, which perfectly complement the sophisticated techno backdrop created by Monojack. This collaboration is a testament to Simon Field's versatility and his ability to push boundaries within the house music genre.

For fans of Melodic Techno & House, "Scared" is not just a song but an experience. It encapsulates the essence of what makes this genre so captivating—its ability to evoke emotions while keeping the body moving. As Simon Field gears up for his album release, "Scared" serves as a promising glimpse into what listeners can expect from this talented producer.

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