Mike Oasyss - "Wanderlust"


In the ever-evolving landscape of Tech House, emerging talent Mike Oasyss is carving a unique niche that is both vibrant and intensely personal. With his latest track, "Wanderlust," he captures the essence of adventure and romance that transcends borders. The song, inspired by his recent move to Europe and a burgeoning love story with his Irish girlfriend, melds the thrill of exploration with the warmth of newfound love.

Mike Oasyss, with roots in Los Angeles, CA, and Austin, TX, is quickly becoming a notable figure in the Tech House scene. As a graduate of the prestigious Icon Collective, which has nurtured talents like Slander, NGHTMRE, and Jauz, Oasyss brings a rich pedigree to his music. His sound—a fusion of world music, pop-style vocals, and the gritty underground vibes of LA's Tech House scene—reflects a forward-thinking approach to dance music. It's a sound that promises to push the boundaries of the genre while fostering a sense of community through shared experiences, fashion, and technology.

"Wanderlust" is more than just a track; it's a narrative of personal growth and the beauty of connecting with others across cultural divides. This release is a testament to Mike Oasyss's potential to influence the future direction of Tech House, showcasing his ability to blend diverse musical elements with relatable storytelling.

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