"Miles Away: A Deep House Journey with Freaky DJs, SHKHR, & Mondorro Featuring Danna Max"


In the pulsating world of Deep House, few tracks have recently captured the essence of emotional depth and energetic grooves as "Miles Away" by the collaborative genius of Freaky DJs, SHKHR, and Mondorro. Following their successful release of "Blame" in 2023, which garnered over 200,000 streams, this trio returns with an offering that promises to take listeners on a profound musical journey, miles away from the ordinary.

The Belarus-based Freaky DJs have long been synonymous with crafting tracks that strike a perfect balance between the need to dance and the yearning for tranquil melodies. Teaming up once again with Russian producer Mondorro and the Indian act SHKHR, "Miles Away" emerges as a testament to their evolving sound. The song masterfully combines emotive chord progressions and deep, gritty bass lines, encapsulating a vibe that is both introspective and uplifting.

What truly sets "Miles Away" apart is the heart-stirring vocal performance by Danna Max. Her voice, as captivating as a mythical tree of life, breathes soul into the track, making every lyric and note resonate with the listeners' own experiences of longing and love.

As Deep House continues to evolve, tracks like "Miles Away" serve as milestones marking the genre's journey. This collaboration not only showcases the unique strengths of each artist but also highlights the power of music in connecting hearts across the globe.

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