EntorgƐ - "To The Edge": The Next Big Thing in Dance Pop and Deep House


EntorgƐ, pronounced "entourage", is the name on every electronic music enthusiast's lips these days. This international sensation is rapidly carving a niche for himself in the dance pop, deep house, and EDM arenas with his innovative approach to music. Having dazzled crowds from the vibrant nightlife of Europe to the buzzing electronic scene of Los Angeles, EntorgƐ is not just any artist; he's a force set to elevate the electronic music scene to unprecedented heights.

Starting his journey by collaborating with A-List talent across Europe, EntorgƐ quickly made a name for himself with his signature blend of progressive house and dubstep. This unique sound paved his way to Los Angeles, a city known for its rich EDM culture. Here, he's not just assimilated but has contributed to the local EDM scene, creating energetic and mood-elevating tracks that resonate with a global audience.

Influenced by legends like Avicii, EntorgƐ's music is a fusion of electro pop-bangers and intricate melodic compositions. His style, a futuristic blend of sounds, stands out in the crowded landscape of electronic music. With an exciting lineup of new tracks scheduled for release, EntorgƐ is on a mission to not just be part of the music industry but to redefine it.

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