"Electrify Your Playlist with FAST BOY x R3HAB's New Banger 'Electricity'"


In an explosive collaboration that's set to redefine the dance floor this year, the dynamic duo FAST BOY has teamed up with the illustrious multi-platinum DJ and producer R3HAB, unleashing their latest single, "Electricity." Released under the prestigious banners of Universal Music and Virgin Records, this track promises to spark an electric frenzy among EDM enthusiasts worldwide.

"Electricity" merges the distinctive energies of FAST BOY, composed of the talented brothers Felix and Lucas, with R3HAB's iconic sound, creating a powerhouse of a track that's bound to become a staple in electronic dance music anthems of 2024. With its infectious beat and high-octane vibes, this song is a clear invitation to hit the dance floor and let loose in the exhilarating world of EDM.

FAST BOY's ascent in the music industry has been nothing short of meteoric. With over 850 million streams across platforms and thrilling collaborations under their belt, including the billion-stream hit "Bad Memories," FAST BOY's trajectory is one to watch. Similarly, R3HAB's remarkable career, boasting over 11 billion streams and a coveted spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs chart, is a testament to his undeniable influence in the world of electronic music.

"Electricity" is not just a track; it's a celebration of the synergy between FAST BOY and R3HAB, promising to be the anthem of the upcoming spring and summer seasons. This collaboration is a testament to the magic that happens when phenomenal talents converge, offering listeners a transcendent experience that's bound to resonate across dance floors and playlists alike.

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