Dive into Summer with REDTAPE's "Dice" - A Tech House Sensation


As we embrace the sun-drenched days of summer, REDTAPE's latest track, "Dice," emerges as the perfect soundtrack to your vibrant season. This tech house gem, released under the innovative label IN / ROTATION, encapsulates the essence of summer with its enchanting mix of elements that promise to get you on your feet and dancing.

"Dice" stands out with its infectious saxophone melodies that weave through the track, adding a layer of sophistication and fun that's hard to resist. The Spanish spoken vocals lend an exotic touch, transporting listeners to a festive street in Ibiza or a sun-kissed beach party in Barcelona. It's a celebration of rhythm and melody, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of summer dancing.

REDTAPE is quickly becoming a name synonymous with uplifting and pulsating tech house tracks that are both innovative and nostalgic. "Dice" is no exception, serving as a testament to the artist's ability to craft music that resonates with the soul of dance enthusiasts.

With the industry buzzing about the resurgence of tech house in the mainstream music scene, "Dice" positions REDTAPE at the forefront of this exciting movement. This track is not just a song; it's a summer vibe, a musical journey that invites you to let loose and embrace the joy of life.

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