Meyer's "The Reckoning" - A Melodic Techno Triumph


Meyer, the prodigious Ukrainian talent in the Melodic House & Techno sphere, is back with his latest gem, "The Reckoning," released through his own burgeoning label, ETERNAL Records. This track, available from 8th March 2024, marks the third significant release from Meyer, following the success of "Shattered" and "Dirty Confessions." Renowned for his innovative soundscapes, Meyer's "The Reckoning" stays true to his unique blend of celestial undertones and driving rhythms, making it an essential listen for aficionados of avant-garde dance music.

"The Reckoning" encapsulates Meyer's signature style of gritty acoustic elements fused with ethereal sonics, creating a dancefloor anthem that's both gripping and spiritually uplifting. The addition of a remix by Poznan-based artist Nihil Young, known for his leadership at Frequenza Records, introduces an indie dance flavor to the release, enriching it with pulsating drum grooves and industrial percussion. This collaboration elevates the track to new heights, showcasing a perfect blend of dark, marauding club energy and a sophisticated melodic journey.

Meyer's musical journey, from his early releases on Anjunabeats Records to his establishment as a formidable force in Ukraine's electronic music scene, underscores his evolving creativity and relentless pursuit of experimental sounds. His work under Meyer Records and collaborations with notable figures like Miss Monique on Siona Records reflect a career defined by passion, ambition, and a deep commitment to the craft of music production.

This release not only solidifies Meyer's position in the electronic music landscape but also promises to captivate listeners with its profound musicality and innovative approach to Melodic Techno & House.

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