"Midnight Stroll: The Sensory Experience by Ben Arsenal Featuring M11SON"


Philadelphia's own Ben Arsenal, a name synonymous with the innovative edges of house music, has released his latest track "Midnight Stroll" featuring M11SON. This melodic piece sits comfortably at the intersection of Melodic Techno & House and Deep House genres. The song was born out of a spontaneous collaboration between Ben, Mason (M11SON), and Katerina at a vibrant after-hours gathering. The compelling grooves crafted by Arsenal inspired Mason to encapsulate the feel of a nocturnal beachside walk, weaving energetic connections into his lyrics.

Ben Arsenal is not just a DJ but a creator of experiences. As the founder of the Philadelphia-based immersive dance-party experience "Departed," co-signed by luminaries like Danny Tineglia and Joshwa, Arsenal continues to push the boundaries of electronic music. His global journeys from Europe to South America infuse his tracks with diverse, eclectic vibes that resonate deeply with his audiences. Notably, his engineering prowess was spotlighted through his work on H.E.R.'s Oscar and Grammy-winning track "Fight for You" in 2021.

"Midnight Stroll" encapsulates this eclectic artistry, featuring hypnotic keys by Katerina and the soul-touching vocals of M11SON, making it a quintessential late-night track. With his ability to blend cultural sounds and a knack for high-energy performances, Ben Arsenal remains a pivotal figure in the global house music scene.

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