Midnight Pass x Equanimous - "Exhale"


Dive into the serene soundscape of Midnight Pass's latest collaboration with Equanimous, titled "Exhale". This melodic house track merges the soothing piano melodies of Equanimous with the signature chill vibes of Midnight Pass, creating an auditory experience designed to inspire and uplift.

"Exhale" is more than just a song; it's a message. Crafted to remind listeners to slow down and breathe, the track embodies the essence of taking life at your own pace. Its gentle rhythms and melodic interplays are perfect for those moments when you need a musical escape from the daily rush.

Midnight Pass, a US-based producer duo, continues to make waves in the deep house scene with their calming and melodic style. This collaboration highlights their ability to blend intricate piano work with electronic beats, producing tracks that are not only catchy but also deeply resonant.

As the music industry continues to embrace the integration of live instruments with electronic elements, "Exhale" stands out as a testament to the evolving landscape of house music. This track is sure to resonate with fans of artists like Lane 8 and Nora En Pure, who appreciate the depth and emotion that music can convey.

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