Cloverdale Unleashes New Tech House Banger "DOPE"



In the realm of Tech House, few names stir as much excitement as Cloverdale, the Halifax-based powerhouse whose energetic beats have earned him a spot on Dancing Astronaut’s and Your EDM’s Artists to Watch lists. Known for his exhilarating live sets and formidable productions, Cloverdale continues to redefine the Tech House scene with his latest track, "DOPE."

"DOPE" encapsulates everything Cloverdale stands for: high-energy grooves, pulsating basslines, and a meticulous attention to production detail that ensures every beat hits just right. This track isn't just a song; it's a statement of where Tech House is headed, infused with the kind of infectious energy that can transform any setting into a dancefloor.

Beyond the music, Cloverdale’s engaging personality shines through his unique promotions and interactions with fans. Whether he’s streaming from his bathtub on Twitch or sharing his latest track finds on Instagram, Cloverdale keeps his community hooked not just on his music but on his vibrant character.

The release of "DOPE" under his newly launched music label, VIBRANCY, marks a significant step in his career. This track is already gaining traction, with nods from heavy hitters like Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta, proving that Cloverdale is a name to keep on your radar.

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