Armin van Buuren & HI-LO Deliver a Techno-Trance Anthem: "Now Love Will Begin"


In an electrifying blend of pulsating beats and soaring melodies, Armin van Buuren teams up with techno powerhouse HI-LO for their latest track, "Now Love Will Begin." Released on April 12, 2024, through HILOMATIK, this track marks a genre-defying moment in electronic music, combining the euphoric essence of trance with the gritty intensity of techno.

Premiered during a memorable back-to-back set at A State of Trance Rotterdam, the track has since captivated audiences with its dynamic energy and innovative sound. The collaboration highlights the seamless chemistry between van Buuren, a trance legend with over two decades in the scene, and HI-LO (Oliver Heldens), whose techno alter-ego has redefined boundaries within the genre.

Armin van Buuren expresses his enthusiasm about their synergy in both live performances and studio sessions, stating, "Our natural flow extends to our studio work as well... ‘Now Love Will Begin’ is what came out of it, and I’m excited for the world to hear what we cooked up together!" HI-LO adds to the excitement, describing the track as a "meaningful banger" that merges not just techno and trance, but also elements of psy-trance.

For fans and new listeners alike, "Now Love Will Begin" offers a taste of the high-energy, boundary-pushing performances that both artists are known for. As van Buuren continues to enchant global audiences and HI-LO dominates the techno scene, this collaboration is a testament to their versatility and innovation in electronic music.

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