Fifteen0eight - "WANNA KNOW NO CONTROL"


Emerging from the innovative corridors of Berklee College of Music, Fifteen0eight is not just another deep house act. With their latest track, "WANNA KNOW NO CONTROL," the duo Tomer Oron and Daphne Eleftheriadou, present a profound sonic exploration that resonates with the pulsating beats of Lollapalooza, where they are set to perform this summer. Recorded in their home studio, this track stands as a testament to their ethos of pushing musical boundaries and their commitment to authenticity.

Tomer and Daphne formed Fifteen0eight in September 2021, fueled by a shared passion for music that not only entertains but also evokes emotion. Their dedication is clear: They aim to transcend genre constraints and pour genuine love into their creations. "WANNA KNOW NO CONTROL" embodies this philosophy through its intricate sound design and engaging deep house rhythms, showcasing why Fifteen0eight is a name to watch.

Trend Spotlight: As live music events rebound post-pandemic, acts like Fifteen0eight are poised to capture audiences with their vibrant and authentic performances, particularly in niche genres like deep house that thrive on live energy.

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