Ranger Trucco Invites You to Hear "More Bells" - A Nostalgic Deep House Journey


Discover the entrancing rhythms of "More Bells," the latest track from the swiftly ascending house music virtuoso, Ranger Trucco. Merging old-school house vibes with the soothing elements of deep and chill house, Trucco showcases his distinctive flair for blending poignant lyrics with irresistible basslines. As both a talented producer and vocalist, Ranger has uniquely positioned himself in the electronic music scene, despite originating from a locale far removed from the usual nightlife hubs.

"More Bells" resonates as a testament to Ranger's commitment to his craft. The track is not just a song; it's an experience wrapped in rhythmic sophistication and lyrical depth, perfect for both an introspective evening and a lively night out. With his growing presence in the music industry, highlighted by upcoming performances at prominent festivals and clubs, Ranger Trucco is not just one to watch but one to listen to, on repeat.

Music Industry Trends:

Ranger Trucco's approach to deep house with a nostalgic twist aligns with the current resurgence of old-school elements in electronic music, which appeals to both new listeners and genre purists longing for the genre's roots.

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