"Forster & Hopes - Where would you go? (SG Remix)"


Emerging from the vibrant streets of Europe, Forster & Hopes has quickly made a name for himself as a skilled producer and songwriter. With an impressive ability to play multiple instruments like electric guitar, drums, and piano, Forster & Hopes has crafted a unique sound influenced by a variety of genres and artists ranging from Foo Fighters to Billie Eilish. His latest offering, "Where would you go? (SG Remix)," showcases his penchant for blending deep, pulsating Brazilian bass and slap house rhythms with emotionally charged lyrics.

The remix, which reimagines the original track with a more intense EDM flair, is a testament to Forster & Hopes' technical skill and creative vision. Drawing on his early inspirations, like the iconic Avicii track “Wake Me Up,” Forster & Hopes channels a mix of melancholy and melody, turning everyday emotions into powerful musical expressions. This track particularly highlights his ability to convey deep feelings of wanderlust and reflection, making it a perfect anthem for those introspective moments.

Despite being relatively new to the scene, Forster & Hopes has already garnered a dedicated following, with notable listener bases in cities from Santiago, CL to Sydney, AU. His official debut, "Twenty Million Loves," resonated with many for its poignant reflection on the global pause during the 2020 pandemic, blending indie-pop sensibilities with electronic elements.

As Forster & Hopes continues to explore and expand his musical repertoire, fans can eagerly anticipate a stream of new releases that promise to innovate and inspire. Make sure to follow his journey on Instagram and add "Where would you go? (SG Remix)" to your playlist to keep up with this rising star in the EDM world.

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