"FABIAN's 'Somethin’' – A Heartfelt Dive into Electro Pop"


Release Date: April 19th marks a significant step in FABIAN’s musical journey as he drops his latest single, "Somethin’," a track that resonates with the style of Electro Pop giants like Charlie Puth and Joan. This new release is sure to enthrall fans with its enchanting melodies and profound lyrics that speak to the soul.

FABIAN, hailing from Sweden, has consistently captured the hearts of pop enthusiasts since his debut with Rexius Records in 2020. "Somethin’" explores the intricate emotions and indecisions within a fading relationship, posing the poignant question: “What am I waiting for?” The track’s emotional depth is matched by its musical sophistication, crafted by a team of talented artists including Jack Lindstrand, Danielle Beatrice Nilsson, and Ruben Svensson, with Svensson also handling production and mixing duties.

With "Somethin’," FABIAN not only delves into more mature thematic territories but also showcases his growth as an artist. This single is a testament to his evolving artistry and ability to engage audiences with relatable storytelling set to an infectious beat.

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