Honest Regrets, Thomas Geelens, and Sparkle Bring the Sunrise with "8AM (You Can't Save Me)"


Honest Regrets teams up with Thomas Geelens and Sparkle to release a new chill house track titled "8AM (You Can't Save Me)," a perfect companion for those deep into the night moments when the first light of dawn is just a promise on the horizon. Following his compelling debut with “Fell Out,” Honest Regrets continues to carve his niche within the chill house scene, a genre that combines the rhythmic beats of house music with a more laid-back, atmospheric vibe.

“8AM” is a brilliant showcase of synergy between the melodic finesse of Thomas Geelens and the dynamic production skills of Dutch artist Sparkle. The track oozes a joyful and charming groove, making it an ideal tune for winding down as the party hours extend into the early morning. It's more than just music; it's an experience that keeps you moving, feeling, and losing track of time until the sky signals the dawn.

This song is particularly relevant in today's electronic music scene where the demand for tracks that bridge night and day, indoor chill and outdoor adventure, is ever-growing. As the chill house genre continues to gain traction, tracks like "8AM" are pivotal for setting the tone and mood that fans crave during those magical twilight hours.

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