"Join the Summer Wave with Jay Mason, Horizon Blue, and Edwardo Atlas in 'Lonely'"


As the mercury rises, so does the anticipation for summer anthems that promise to dominate playlists. Jay Mason, Horizon Blue, and Edwardo Atlas deliver just that with their latest collaboration, "Lonely." This track is a seamless blend of deep house beats with an irresistible pop flair, ensuring it resonates with a broad audience.

Jay Mason, a dynamic Dutch artist known for his compelling vocals and impressive songwriting skills, teams up once again with Swedish producer Edwardo Atlas, following their previous hit "Chasing Time" which amassed over 11 million streams. Horizon Blue, not to be outdone, brings the experience of his near 30 million stream hit, "Need You," to the table. Together, they create a soundscape that captures the essence of deep house while maintaining a pop sensibility that’s hard to overlook.

"Lonely" is not just a song; it’s a summer vibe encapsulated in melodies that promise warmth and togetherness. Despite its title, the track is far from solitary—it’s a call to join in the collective rhythm of the season. It's crafted for those sunlit afternoons and balmy evenings where the only thing on the agenda is enjoying great music.

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