"Renoco's 'Around Ya' – A High-Energy Tech House Experience"


Renoco is stirring up the tech house scene with his latest track, "Around Ya," a high-energy banger that captures the essence of dance floors worldwide. Known for his electrifying presence and innovative sound, Renoco, a Northern Albanian native, continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with his ravy synths and potent beats.

With a diverse background spanning from Split City, Croatia to Istanbul, Turkey, Renoco's unique blend of cultural influences is palpable in his music. His tracks, including his latest release on Noxu Deep, showcase his ability to merge intense rhythms with captivating melodies, making him a standout artist in the tech house genre.

"Around Ya" is not just a track; it's an experience. Designed for the true lovers of tech house, it features robust, pulsating rhythms coupled with ravy synths that are guaranteed to energize any listener. This track demonstrates why Renoco has become a favorite on the dance music circuit, with performances that have electrified audiences from Milano to Istanbul.

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