Hot Tub Turns Up the Heat with "Gimme That Bass"


In the pulsating world of tech house, Canadian artist Hot Tub, also known as Ryan Krumins, is making waves with his latest single, "Gimme That Bass". Hot Tub isn't just any emerging name in the scene; with a vibrant history of hits and heavyweight support from icons like The Chainsmokers and Austin Kramer, his journey is a testament to his evolving sonic palette. His second single of 2024, "Gimme That Bass", is a testament to this evolution, merging his indie-rock roots with the electrifying realms of house music, complete with his own vocals setting the track apart.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Fisher, Dom Dolla, and Justin Martin, "Gimme That Bass" serves as a sonic embodiment of the euphoria found on the dance floor. The track is not just a song but an experience, characterized by lighthearted lyrics that invite listeners to lose themselves in the moment. It's this blend of catchy vocals and compelling beats that positions Hot Tub at the forefront of the tech house genre.

Ryan Krumins, the creative force behind Hot Tub, is a multi-instrumentalist whose music journey began with an enlightening trip to the Pacific Northwest's hot springs. His unique approach to creating deep house music is evident in his rich synthwork, dynamic basslines, and the integration of acoustic guitar, all harmonized with his distinctive vocals.

Since his debut EP in 2019, Hot Tub has been recognized by DJ Mag and has received nods from industry giants, solidifying his presence in the electronic music scene. His tracks, such as "In This Moment", have not only received global blog support but also found their way into mainstream media, like the Comedy Central show "Awkwafina is Nora from Queens". With over 650,000 streams and counting, Hot Tub is gearing up for more releases, promising to keep the momentum going.

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