Erik Stank - "Can't Stop"


Erik Stank, the driving force behind RunnerUp Records, has dropped yet another tech house banger that promises to ignite dance floors across the globe. Titled "Can't Stop," this track is a quintessential blend of rhythm and energy, designed to keep the crowd moving until the early hours.

"Can't Stop" boasts a compelling rolling bassline, captivating chords, and a groove so tight, it's impossible not to move. It's a testament to Erik's ability to craft tracks that are not only memorable but also pack a serious punch. The song is a perfect showcase of the RunnerUp Records ethos – delivering high-quality, dance-inducing tech house tunes that resonate with clubbers and festival-goers alike.

Erik Stank is no stranger to the electronic music scene. As the label dad of RunnerUp Records, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of tech house, curating a sound that's both unique and infectious. "Can't Stop" is yet another example of his talent and dedication to the genre, cementing his status as a pivotal figure in the tech house community.

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