Braaheim x ILYAA x HYPER BOYZ - "Would I Lie To You?"


In the latest musical escapade, the Norwegian duo HYPER BOYZ, alongside Braaheim and ILYAA, brings a dynamic twist to the classic track "Would I Lie To You?" by Charles & Eddie. Transforming this 1992 R&B record into a stomping house beat, this version is set to dominate dance floors around the globe.

"Would I Lie To You?" in its new form exemplifies how old classics can find new life in today's electronic music scene. The fresh spin incorporates elements of dance pop and happy hardcore, creating an infectious rhythm that ensures no feet remain still. With its origins deeply rooted in the happy rave culture, this rendition not only captures the essence of the original song but elevates it with a fast-paced techno beat that is typical of HYPER BOYZ's innovative style.

This collaboration is a testament to how cross-genre partnerships can bridge the gap between different musical eras and tastes, appealing to both fans of classic R&B and modern dance music. As the HYPER BOYZ continue to rise in the music industry, their latest project underscores their knack for creatively reinventing music while staying true to the spirit of the original works.

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