"Sunrise" by Lavish Life: A Deep House Journey from Dusk Till Dawn


Emerging from the vibrant corners of deep house and indie acoustic music, Lavish Life have crafted a unique soundscape with their latest track, "Sunrise." Released under the Soave label, this single marks the duo's first release of the year and is a testament to their dynamic and genre-bending style.

Thomas Pipolo (PIP) and Vinny Abbatiello (2AM), the talents behind Lavish Life, have seamlessly blended euphoric guitars and irresistible whistles into "Sunrise," creating an anthem that's as catchy as it is mesmerizing. The track boasts a retro disco house vibe enriched with modern acoustic elements, positioning Lavish Life not just as musicians, but as true innovators in the deep house scene.

With lyrics that invite you to party until the break of dawn, and a hook that lingers long after the song ends, "Sunrise" is more than just music—it's an experience. Lavish Life's presence on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram continues to build their brand, connecting with fans and sharing moments from their musical journey.

As deep house continues to evolve, tracks like "Sunrise" by Lavish Life are pivotal in shaping the future of the genre. Their ability to interweave classic and contemporary influences ensures that this duo is not just following trends but setting them.

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