Ocean Roads: A Serene Summer Soundtrack by Braaten and Aron Matthews


As the summer heat intensifies, nothing complements the season like the soothing rhythms of chill house music. Braaten, a versatile Norwegian producer, teams up with Austrian talent Aron Matthews to deliver "Ocean Roads," a track that epitomizes the quintessential summer vibe. Featuring the soul-stirring vocals of Matthias Nebel, the song is a perfect symphony of serene melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Braaten, known for his eclectic style and part of the dynamic duo "Braaten & Chrit Leaf," brings his rich experience and innovative touch to the table. Since 2006, he has captivated audiences with his music, accumulating millions of streams across various platforms and performing at Norway’s largest après-ski club. His partnership with Aron Matthews in "Ocean Roads" explores the thematic connection between the ocean's eternal allure and the joy of summer.

Matthias Nebel's vocals are a standout, adding a layer of depth and emotion that mirrors the ocean's own soulful narrative. The track invites listeners to close their eyes, feel the sun’s warmth, and lose themselves in the chill waves of sound.

"Ocean Roads" is more than just a song; it's a summer escape encapsulated in melody and harmony—a must-add to your seasonal playlist.

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