"Jean Juan's 'Tequila' - A Spirited Dance Pop Anthem with Francisco and CERES"


Dive into the vibrant world of dance pop with Jean Juan's latest track, "Tequila." As the Dutch DJ, producer, and head of Soave Records, Jean Juan knows how to create a musical cocktail that will keep you on your feet. His new release, "Tequila," in collaboration with Brazilian talents Francisco and CERES, is no exception.

"Tequila" is more than just a song; it's a celebration of cultural fusion and electronic beats. This tech house banger is infused with the lively spirit of Brazilian music, featuring catchy hooks and an irresistible rhythm. Jean Juan's expertise in blending sunny, chill vibes with deeper, tech-influenced beats shines through, making this track a must-have on any dance playlist.

Jean Juan, also known for his viral hit "Don’t Forget Me" in Russia, continues to push the boundaries of dance music. With over 40,000 radio plays under his belt, his knack for creating infectious tunes is evident. "Tequila" promises to be a staple in dance clubs and parties, offering listeners a shot of musical euphoria.

Don't miss out on this electrifying collaboration. "Tequila" by Jean Juan, featuring Francisco and CERES, is your ticket to a night of dance and delight. Cheers to more unforgettable music from this dynamic trio!

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