Maggie Szabo and No ExpressioN Ignite Dance Floors with "Can't Trust My Body"


Prepare to hit the dance floor with the electrifying new track "Can't Trust My Body" by the dynamic duo Maggie Szabo and No ExpressioN. This dance pop and deep house anthem blends irresistible energy with a touch of empowerment, making it impossible not to move to the rhythm. The song features a captivating piano-led melody that sets the stage for Szabo's soul-stirring vocals, turning any space into an instant dance party.

Maggie Szabo, the Canadian singer-songwriter known for her powerful pop anthems and advocacy for social justice, continues to capture hearts around the world. Her collaborator, No ExpressioN, brings a fresh pop energy that perfectly complements Szabo's style, creating tracks that are not only dance-worthy but also emotionally resonant.

"Can't Trust My Body" is more than just a dance track; it's a call to freedom and joy, encouraging listeners to let go and trust the music. It's a standout piece likely to feature on playlists and dance floors alike, marking another successful chapter in both artists' careers.

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