Darren Shelton Drops Sizzling New Track “Damn (Radio Mix)”


Emerging from the vibrant streets of Detroit, Darren Shelton is not just any artist. He’s a DJ, producer and visionary who’s made a name for himself in the electronic music scene. With his latest release, “Damn (Radio Mix)”, Darren has cemented his position as a tech house maestro. This track is a great mix of fast-paced beats and fresh tech house sounds that will get any dance floor moving.

Darren's no stranger to the music industry. As the co-founder of Good Ground Records and a key member of the analogue electronic duo Modhouse, he brings a wide range of sounds to his productions. His solo project, The Wonders of the Deep, shows off his versatility and deep understanding of electronic music.

"Damn (Radio Mix)" shows how Darren keeps on evolving as an artist and how he's always one step ahead of the latest trends in the ever-changing music industry. The track has a great combination of layered textures, a solid bassline, and catchy beats that are perfect for radio and club play.

In a wider sense, Darren’s music is a great addition to the tech house scene, which is still growing and capturing the attention of audiences all over the world. His innovative approach and commitment to quality set a high standard for tech house productions.

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