Owen MacDonald's "3 Missed Calls - (Zanky Remix)" — A Fresh Spin on a Dance Pop Hit


Owen MacDonald, a young artist with roots in the frosty landscapes of Alaska, has just released a new remix that promises to electrify the dance pop and EDM spheres. The Zanky Remix of "3 Missed Calls," originally released on 5 May 2023, not only shows off Owen’s versatility but also highlights his partnership with the innovative producer, ZANKY.

Owen’s original track, which has an authentic connection with listeners, became his most streamed song organically within months of its release. The song captures the essence of life's slipping moments really well, and the chillwave undertones really help to make it work. ZANKY’s remix gives this emotional narrative an energising dance pop twist, making it more appealing to both daydreamers and club-goers.

At just 20 years old and with a music career that started in 2019, Owen has already made a name for himself with over 100k streams on Spotify. With his growing social media following and the buzz around new music in 2023, Owen is set to cement his place in the music world.

This remix not only broadens Owen's musical spectrum but also taps into the ongoing trend of reimagining tracks to reach different audiences, which is a smart move in today’s dynamic music industry. Fans of artists like Kygo or Zedd will enjoy this remix, which combines introspective lyrics with rhythmic beats.

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