7YFN x Sebastian Grimus - "Paradox"


"Paradox" by 7YFN featuring Sebastian Grimus is more than just a song; it's a symphony of contradictions. The Vienna-based artist 7YFN (7 Years From Now) has released this track, which is unique in that it combines the soulful echoes of a saxophone, which you can hear at 0:32, with the modern rhythms of electronic dance music.

Sebastian Grimus, who's known for his amazing saxophone performances on international stages, takes a different approach in "Paradox". Here, he combines his role as a performer with that of a composer and producer, exploring new musical territory. The track is a great example of Grimus' musical journey, and it shows how the number seven is important to him.

"Paradox" looks at the idea that life is full of contradictions. Grimus talks about the everyday paradoxes that puzzle our existence – how what society does often goes against what we believe. The song captures the essence of these conflicting realities, encouraging listeners to acknowledge and use these contradictions to make positive changes in their lives and in society.

Also, the song comes out at a time when global issues like Russia's actions versus its position in international councils are being hotly debated, which adds another layer of depth to the narrative.

Sebastian Grimus is a familiar face in the Viennese music scene. He's worked with some big names, like Parov Stelar and Randy Newman. His 7YFN project was born out of a trip to New York City, where he met some local producers and got his first taste of music production.

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