Embracing the New Sounds of Foley Street with "beauty"


Foley Street, the London-based electronic alt-pop trio, has just released a new single, "beauty," on 3 May. The song is the first to emerge from their new lineup, which features the Frankfurt-born actress and singer Clarissa Ravens. The song "beauty" looks at the idea of appreciating and realising what we have, and how we often miss the things that are right in front of us as we chase after what we think is "different" and "better".

The track mixes poignant electro-pop rhythms with introspective lyrics, which serve as an apology, an expression of regret, and a farewell. It captures the feeling of not realising the value of what's right in front of us until it's too late. The addition of Clarissa Ravens adds a fresh dynamic to the group, promising a future rich with new sounds and emotional depth.

With its heartfelt message and catchy, reflective melodies, "Beauty" sets a promising tone for what's to come from Foley Street. This new trio configuration seems set to explore deeper emotional territories, promising more music that's not only heard but felt.

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