Ephy Pinkman has released a new EP, 'Golden Age', which is a fusion of anime and dance music.


UK-based DJ Ephy Pinkman is pushing the boundaries of electronic music with his latest release, the Golden Age EP. This EP, released under Kanak on the ADHD label, features two tracks, "Gatsu" and "Black Swordsman," that blend hard techno and trance elements with an anime twist.

Ephy Pinkman, who used to be an aspiring comedian, became a dynamic techno DJ after overcoming some significant health challenges. His music isn't just about beats; it's a narrative, inspired by his favourite anime, Berserk. The EP reflects the intense, dark, and mythical themes of the anime, creating a compelling audio-visual experience that resonates on the dancefloor.

You can expect a sonic journey that goes from fierce energy to captivating allure. Pinkman's sound is ideal for energising festivals or adding depth to the ambience of an underground club night.

Ephy's backstory is just as vibrant as his music. After a major scoliosis operation in 2016, he made a big change from gaming and isolation to playing in clubs in Berlin and Frankfurt. His sets are known for their high energy and engaging performance, which you can see on his lively Instagram.

The "Golden Age EP" not only shows how Ephy Pinkman has developed as an artist but also how he combines his interests and experiences in his music. This EP is a great example of his resilience and creativity, so it’s definitely worth a listen for fans of unique, story-driven electronic music.

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