Connor McCutcheon's latest single, "Hangover", is a great example of dance pop and country music coming together in a heartfelt way.


Connor McCutcheon, a rising star, has just released "Hangover," the third single from his much-anticipated six-song EP. The track blends dance pop rhythms with alt-country vibes, showcasing McCutcheon's lyrical dexterity and emotive vocal prowess. Brent Anderson and Bobby Hamrick, two of the most respected songwriters in the business, helped Connor write this song. It's about the feelings you have when you've had a great night with someone special. It's got some clever wordplay and really catchy hooks.

McCutcheon was born and raised in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and has been a music fan since childhood, influenced by a wide range of genres, from rock to folk. You can hear this in his music, which mixes different styles to create a sound that appeals to a wide audience. He's been performing at local venues and working with big names in the industry for a while now, and it's all led up to a publishing deal with Spirit Music Group.

"Hangover" not only shows that McCutcheon has a talent for catchy, soul-stirring music but also proves he's a promising artist in the ever-changing country and dance pop fusion landscape. The single is being promoted by Spirit Music Group and OneRPM, which should help it reach a wide audience and potentially go to number one.

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