Chaney's Summer Anthem "I Choose You" Shines Bright


As summer approaches, the music scene is already heating up with Chaney's latest release, "I Choose You," which is set to become this year's ultimate summer anthem. With a solid foundation laid by previous successes on Toolroom Records, where he racked up over 40 million streams, Chaney's new track is set to bring sunshine and feel-good vibes to every listener.

What makes "I Choose You" special is not just its lively energy, but also its sincerity. Chaney has crafted every element of the track, from the bass line he plays to the lush Rhodes chords and the emotional vocals. This track is perfect for sunny terraces, Ibiza pool parties and dominating the radio airwaves all summer long. Chaney's growing global presence, with tours scheduled across London, New York, Canada, and Australia, means his sound will be heard all over the world.

Chaney’s background is just as interesting as his musical creations. Hailing from Swindon, this 20-year-old artist mixes Hacienda attitude with Mike Skinner’s wit and is known for throwing vibrant pub raves and crafting remixes that have caught the industry's attention. His deep connection with his hometown and its "downtrodden dreamers" adds a layer of authenticity to his music, making his tracks not just songs but anthems for a generation.

As "I Choose You" is set to be the summer anthem, it's clear that Chaney is not just making music but shaping the sound of house music for a new era.

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