Mad NoMad's Debut Single "The Night Arrives"


Miami's electronic music scene has an exciting new addition - Mad NoMad, a solo artist poised to make a significant impact with his debut single 'The Night Arrives'. The track blends the rhythmic energy of techno, tech house and organic house to create a soundscape designed to evoke a sense of nocturnal adventure and shared bliss.

A fresh face on the scene, Mad NoMad has already made a memorable appearance at Miami's 'Love Burn', the local homage to Burning Man, demonstrating his talent and ability to connect with the crowd. "The Night Arrives" is a testament to his dedication to creating tunes that not only energise, but also harmonise with the vibes of electronic music lovers and festival goers.

This debut single is sure to become a nightlife staple, offering a perfect blend of pulsating beats and ethereal melodies that capture the essence of Miami's underground scene. It's a compelling introduction to an artist destined to rise through the ranks of electronic music.

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