TMPST x Phil Odd - "Dimensions"


The latest track by TMPST, in collaboration with Phil Odd, is called "Dimensions". It's a track that promises to transport listeners on a melodious journey. This progressive house tune is more than just a song; it's an experience. It's intricately crafted to pull you into its hypnotic soundscape.

The track starts off with a gentle, inviting melody that gradually merges with deeper, more intense beats. This reflects the tranquil yet mysterious vibe of its woodland inspiration. Every note and beat in "Dimensions" is carefully layered to create a progressive auditory journey that reflects the collaborative spirit and creativity of its creators.

TMPST is already getting recognition from top DJs like Nicky Romero and EDX, and he’s on the rise in the Melodic House scene. His music is often described as a blend of dreamy and thoughtful, and it's been compared to the likes of Ben Böhmer and Fejká. With a growing discography under labels like Sirup Music and Hathōr, TMPST's tracks are a great source of inspiration for anyone seeking a musical escape.

"Dimensions" is a great example of what happens when you combine raw creativity with passion in a secluded, tranquil setting. It's sure to resonate with fans of progressive house and melodic techno and house.

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