Scalla's new track "Don't Waste My Time" is a fresh take on dance pop and deep house fusion. It's a must-hear!


There's a lot going on in San Francisco's music scene at the moment, with the fresh sounds of Scalla, the stage name of the talented Cameron Jones, who's just released a new track called "Don't Waste My Time" that's getting people up and dancing. Scalla is known for his creative blend of dance pop, deep house, and EDM. Each track is infused with a unique signature style, characterised by heavy bass, dynamic synths, and intricate rhythms.

Growing up in the vibrant Bay Area, Scalla was exposed to a wide range of musical styles, from alternative to funk, which have had a significant impact on his current sound. His music is a complex tapestry of melodies that not only reflect his broad musical upbringing but also aim to push the boundaries of electronic music. This dedication to innovation is clear in "Don't Waste My Time," which combines energetic beats with a melody that keeps you guessing.

Scalla's career in music has seen him rise quickly thanks to his boundary-pushing productions and electrifying live shows. His tracks have not only gained a lot of traction on popular electronic music platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, but they’ve also attracted a loyal following eager for his next release.

As Scalla keeps on developing and broadening his musical horizons, his dedication to his craft and his ability to stay ahead of trends will surely help him to become a major player in the electronic music scene. Make sure to follow him on Spotify and catch him live at a venue near you.

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