EĐĐIE Releases "Melatonin Medicine" from Upcoming Album "Grieving Hour"


EĐĐIE, a multifaceted singer-songwriter and bassist from Pennsylvania, introduces his latest single, "Melatonin Medicine," off his forthcoming album Grieving Hour. Known for his previous work with the band Nothing But A Nightmare, EĐĐIE has already enamored listeners with over 100,000 streams on their latest album, "Kleptomania." Now embarking on a solo journey, his unique blend of commercial and alternative pop continues to captivate.

"Melatonin Medicine" is characterized as a funky, upbeat track that simulates an imaginary therapy session over the phone. The song creatively addresses the desire to escape life's challenges through sleep, set against a backdrop of catchy melodies and EĐĐIE's signature grooving bass lines. This single promises to be a radio favorite, showcasing EĐĐIE’s dynamic vocal abilities and his knack for writing relatable, engaging pop music.

The indie pop scene continues to evolve, with artists like EĐĐIE leading the charge by blending emotional depth with accessible soundscapes. As "Melatonin Medicine" makes its rounds, it's set to leave a mark on playlists and charts alike, positioning EĐĐIE as a standout artist in the indie and alternative pop genres.

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