LOUIEJAYXX - "Hi-Jack" Takes Dubstep to New Heights


Laredo, Texas-based brothers Luis and Gerardo Carrillo, known collectively as LOUIEJAYXX, have just released another great track, "Hi-Jack," under the respected Gud Vibrations Records. LOUIEJAYXX is known for their explosive style that seamlessly blends intense bass music with ethereal, melodic interludes. They've carved out a niche in the electronic music scene with their distinctive ‘Aura’ sound.

"Hi-Jack" is a great example of their signature style, which combines elements of dubstep and future bass. The track is a rollercoaster ride of pulsating basslines and dreamy synths that effortlessly transition between raw power and soothing melodies. This dynamic approach not only shows off their versatility but also keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

They've already made a name for themselves with releases on some of the top labels in the industry, including Subsidia, Malignant, Monstercat, and Monta Records. They've also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the game, including Excision and Crankdat. Their performances at major festivals like Bass Canyon and Lost Lands show just how much they’re rising in prominence in the electronic music domain.

With "Hi-Jack," LOUIEJAYXX keep pushing the boundaries of dubstep and future bass, inviting listeners on a mesmerising journey that is both intense and uplifting. This track is more than just a song; it’s an experience. It’s an ‘Aura Experience’ that perfectly captures the innovative spirit of these talented brothers.

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