Tonino's Latest Track "Drama" Sets the Stage for Summer Festivals


Tonino, the Stuttgart-based maestro of Melodic Techno and Progressive House, has just released a new track called "Drama," marking the debut release from his own label, Solara. This track perfectly captures his signature style – a blend of driving rhythms, melodic progressions and progressive elements that push the boundaries of techno music.

"Drama" is designed to be a big hit at clubs and festivals, offering a sound that is both captivating and energetic. With this release, Tonino is further establishing himself as a major player in the electronic music scene. His previous work has already attracted the attention of some big-name DJs, which is great for his career.

Since 2020, Tonino has consistently released high-quality tracks, with releases on prestigious labels like Lelantus Records and Mir Music. His collaborations with artists like Chris Hirose and Tumzz show he can mix different sounds and influences, which you can hear in his productions.

We're expecting "Drama" to be a big hit at this year's summer festivals, with fans of techno and house music lining up to see Tonino play. Tonino's experience playing at venues like Romantica in Stuttgart and Ellen Noir in Magdeburg helps him understand what gets a crowd going, so his live shows are as dynamic and engaging as his productions.

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