Exed x AEXCIT x Johnny Chicago - "Fine"


Take a moment to relax and recharge with the soothing yet energising sounds of "Fine," a collaborative masterpiece from Italian producer Exed, AEXCIT, and Johnny Chicago. This track perfectly captures the essence of chill house and tropical house, offering a versatile soundscape that's ideal for both relaxation and physical activity.

Exed, who hails from the scenic outskirts of Venice, brings years of experience in the background to the fore with this release. After spending years perfecting his craft in the studio, Exed has decided to share his music with the world, which is starting to change the face of chill and dance music.

"Fine" is a versatile track that can accompany you on a run, energise your gym session or help you unwind during your leisure time. Its laid-back rhythms and catchy melodies make it a great addition to any chill house or tropical house playlist.

Context for the music industry: As more and more people around the world look for music that can relax them and get them pumped up, tracks like "Fine" are setting trends in playlists and streaming platforms. This shows how the boundaries between different genres are becoming less clear in the digital music era.

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