Marc Homer - Emergency Broadcast System


Marc Homer makes a splash with "Emergency Broadcast System," a high-energy techno track inspired by the legendary sounds of Berlin and Detroit. This track, the first from his forthcoming EP, draws from the work of avant-garde artists like SOPHIE and LSDXOXO. The relentless beats and driving basslines are set to make waves in the techno community.

"Emergency Broadcast System" also marks the launch of Marc’s new label, HALF & 1/2. This label is all about giving a boost to BIPOC and queer artists, giving them a platform to show off their talent. Marc Homer, a DJ and producer based in LA, has a lot of experience playing at clubs and events across the US. His sound is a unique blend of his New York City and Atlanta roots, combined with his passion for the techno sounds of Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin.

Marc’s commitment to supporting diverse communities in the music industry is evident in his work, making him a noteworthy figure in the techno scene. Keep an ear out for his upcoming EP and future releases from HALF & 1/2.

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