Haywyre Electrifies with New Dance-Pop Single "Change Your Mind"


Grammy-nominated artist Haywyre, known for his amazing piano skills and electronic dance music fusion, has released another great track called "Change Your Mind." This track, released under Lost In Dreams Records, is a great example of Haywyre's style, which mixes electronic influences from pioneers like Noisia and Flume with classical virtuosos like Bill Evans and Franz Liszt.

"Change Your Mind" is a great mix of dance-pop, house with an old-school vibe, and lush synthpop elements that create an energetic yet emotionally resonant soundscape. This track is the latest in a series of innovative musical releases from Haywyre. It builds on the success of his "Smooth Criminal" cover, which went viral, and his highly acclaimed albums, including "Two Fold, Pt.1" and "Two Fold, Pt.2."

Haywyre’s ability to combine complex piano melodies with electronic beats makes "Change Your Mind" more than just a song – it’s an experience. This release comes after his recent Grammy nomination and the successful single "White Lie," which wraps up 2023 on a high note.

Fans of both electronic and live instrumental music will find "Change Your Mind" a refreshing addition to their playlists. It's clear that Haywyre has a consistent ability to innovate and charm his audience.

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