MAZ'N's Electrifying Journey with "Lost On You" - Mollono.Bass Radio Edit Remix


MAZ'N, a master of electronic soundscapes, has once again captured the essence of nocturnal beats in his latest remix, "Lost On You," creatively reimagined by Mollono.Bass. MAZ'N is known for his multi-instrumental talents and a penchant for the electronic genre, and this track is no exception. He brings an eclectic mix of synthpop, synthwave, and melodic house to the table.

Mollono.Bass's remix adds a darker, more immersive electro flair to the original, making it an irresistible tune for both chill moments and dance floors. With its haunting melodies and intricate synth work, "Lost On You" shows off MAZ'N's talent for blending chill vibes with danceable rhythms. This is a signature of his musical journey.

We're looking forward to MAZ'N enchanting his audience once more with the upcoming release of "Silver Night" on 26 June. This track is set to be a real chill-out moment, with a slow shuffle beat and a visually stunning video featuring 20 international dancers. It’s the first single from his new album, which is due out in August. It’s a great start to what promises to be an exciting new chapter in his career.

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