Sangarang's "Take Your Monaaay (Radio Edit)" - A Club-Favorite Reimagining


Finding a track that gets everyone on the dance floor is a real goldmine, and Sangarang, alongside Fronkaaay, seems to have struck just that with their latest release, "Take Your Monaaay (Radio Edit)." This track is a slick minimal house edit of MIA’s iconic "Paper Planes," reworked to fit in with the pulsating vibe of New York's vibrant nightlife.

Sangarang is already known for its unique take on minimal techno and house genres, and this edit is no exception. With Fronkaaay's contribution, it's got a groove that's both infectious and undeniably catchy. Word is that this track has become a regular in clubs and bars across New York. It's known for getting the crowd going and keeping the energy up all night.

You can find the extended version of "Take Your Monaaay" on Beatport, where it's still climbing the charts and gaining traction. Sangarang also says there are more demos and tracks in the pipeline, so fans of minimal techno and house music can look forward to more rhythmic delights.

This release not only shows off Sangarang and Fronkaaay's talent for reimagining popular songs but also makes it clear that they're must-watch artists in the club music scene. If you're into deep beats and minimalistic rhythms, Sangarang and Fronkaaay's latest offering is a great example of why house music is still so popular and how it can really transform and uplift the nightlife experience.

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