Barkin Lights Up the Dance Floor with "Damn I'm Feeling"


Barkin's latest track, "Damn I'm Feeling," is a real powerhouse, coming from the heart of the techno and tech-house scenes. This track, released as his third single in 2024, is designed to get people moving in peak-time sets with its intense 135 BPM rhythm.

"Damn I'm Feeling" has a unique sound, with a powerful combination of thumping kicks and a driving bassline that takes listeners on a journey. The track kicks off with an electrifying intro, building up the tension and anticipation before dropping into a ferocious drop characterised by a massive plucky synth. The track keeps on getting better, with layers of sounds that really make the experience stand out.

The energy doesn't drop as the track transitions into a groovy bridge, where full, sultry vocals are introduced that really captivate the club audience. The second drop is likely to get people moving on the dance floor with its intense sound and robotic vocals.

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